About Personalized License Plates

The personalized license plates are available when they relate to

 (1) Initial registration of automobiles

 (2) Change of the ownership with transfer registration or change of address with alteration registration after moving to new residence

 (3) Breakage or defacement of license plates in use

 (4) Registered automobiles or private use light motor vehicles

 (5) Motor cycles are excluded

The available license numbers

 (1) Up to and including 4-digit numbers (a series of designated numbers)
  ※ Registration area names , vehicle category numbers or Hiragana characters are not available

Personalized license numbers

 (1) General personalized license numbers are on request basis,but some limited numbers are subject to drawing because of
  their high popularity

 (2) The limited numbers are on drawing basis for private use only. The drawings take place every Monday. The limited numbers are
  counted 14 in common throughout the nation and some other numbers only for specific regional area names are added for drawing

「13 numbers subject to drawing in common throughout Japan 」
333 555 777 888
1111 3333 5555 7777