National Automobile License Plates Council was established in September 1960 in order to maintain fair and sound operation and management of automobile license plate issuing services for responsible authority and light motor vehicle license plate delivery services, and consists of approved license plates providers designated by the Transport Minister under the Road Vehicles Act, light motor vehicle license providers and license plate manufacturers, and it was approved by the Transport Minister as an incorporated body in December 1961.

 National Automobile License Plate Council consists of 58 license plates service providers and 30 license plates manufactures.

 National Automobile License Plate Council, positively responding to the trust by the government on Automobile Inspection and Registration in Japan, has made research and study on the quality standards of automobile license plates, the forms of license plate, the performance of the reflective license plates, the unification of seals, the prevention of forged license plates, etc.

 National Automobile License Plate Council tries its best to promote facilitation and streaming of the services and to contribute to sound business management with efforts to reviewing a responsible role that automobile license plate issuing services for responsible authority have to play under matured automobile society.

 National Automobile License Plate Council was certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as a personal information protection body based on Personal Information Protection Act article 37 and pays careful attention to ensuring appropriate handling of personal information given to the members by customers at personalized license plate booking.