Organization name National Automobile License Plates Council
(Juridically incorporated body)
Representative person Chairman Yukihiro Yasuhara
Address 〒113-0033 2-15-13, Hongo, Bunkyo-ward, Tokyo
TEL 03-3813-5911 FAX 03-3813-5927
Date of foundation 6 December 1961
Purpose  The National Automobile License Plates Council contributes to enhancing public welfare by maintaining the fair and sound operation of services related to the issuing of automobile license plates operated on behalf of the concerned authorities, and the distributing of light motor vehicle license plates.
(1) In relation to the automobile license plate issuing services operated on behalf of the concerned authorities, light motor vehicle license plate distributing services, screw covers attached to license plates, and all other things concerning license plates, the Council:
i)  advises the concerned authorities,
ii)  communicates and consults with the concerned authorities, and ensures that the applicable laws and regulations are disseminated to all concerned parties,
iii)  provides instructions for, and training on the business, and
iv)  maintains the quality of license plates.
(2) Development, improvement, and operation of a booking system for personalized license plates
(3) Business activities concerning accredited personal information protection organizations
(4) Research, investigation, public relations, and education
(5) Other services necessary for the achievement of the Council’s purpose